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An Espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee with a thick head known as a crema. It is made when hot water is pumped through coffee with a high pressure pump thereby extracting the full flavour of the fresh, finely ground coffee.

No. The taste of the cafféluxe coffees comes from a blend of freshly ground pure coffee. All our coffee is of the finest grade and comes from coffee producing countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe.

Each capsule is made from FDA approved food safe HDPE and can withstand high temperatures and therefore does not affect the taste or flavour of the coffee.

We use the CO2 decaffeination process. We do not use any chemicals. The other processes commonly used is the chemical wash (bad) and Swiss Water Process (very good, but expensive). There is more information available at www.sweetmarias.com - an excellent site for coffee questions.

Yes indeed, we are in the final stages of testing and approval for both a Hot Chocolate as well as a Chai Latte capsule, which should be in the market soon. We can supply the same on specific demand – contact us for more details.

Our Capsule is made from food safe recyclable PP and all MSDS forms are available conforming to international food safety standards.

Our products are available online at www.makxpresso.com .


Yes you can. Just as our capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines, Nespresso® capsules can be used in our machines.

Not much difference. Both use a 19 bar pump that shoots hot water through the capsule in order to extract the coffee.

The machine may be overheated. Switch off and restart of 5 minutes.

The water jug may not be correctly in place. Secure jug into back of machine.

Before inserting a coffee capsule into the machine, run a shot of water through the machine into your cup. This cleans the machine, warms up your cup and ensures the best tasting coffee.


The frother has 2 adaptors. The coil adaptor and the plastic adaptor. The coil adaptor will froth the milk hot or cold while the plastic adaptor will only heat milk without creating froth.

Keep your finger on the button and only the blue light will go on. This means that the milk will froth but not heat up.